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Yankee Angus


Each year we are proud to offer a select number of bulls for sale to our friends, neighbors and colleagues who share our goals for raising sound, efficient cattle who look the part and perform to industry standards and beyond.


These calves were born in 2022 and can be sold anytime.

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Yankee Chester K022

SIRE: L/R Entice 0011

DAM: Pine Hill Princess F027

R# 20312474

Adj BW: 79 lbs

Adj WW: 637 lbs

If calving ease is your concern, without sacrificing performance - Chester, or as we call him, "Cheddar" is your guy!


Yankee Mr Kingpin K025

SIRE: Grabers Mr Angus 9080

DAM: Poss Erica 7609

R# 20328689

Adj BW: 95 lbs

Adj WW: 516 lbs

Top 4% of the breed on his MARB EPD, so if marbling and carcass quality is at the top of your priority list, he is your go to guy!

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