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A Jurassic Quest Adventure..

Getting off the farm can be a challenge, and when we don't make it a priority it seems that weeks have gone by and we haven't gone to do anything new or adventurous! In February, we made it a priority to get away and take Farmer JJ to the Jurassic Quest show in Rochester NY.

Little boy is all about the dinosaurs lately! Honestly his dad grew up on Land Before Time so it's not surprising. JJ's facorite, of course, is the T-Rex. I think that is probably the obvious answer for little kids. Personally, I have to legitimately sit and study the different kinds of dinosaurs, using one of JJ's books, because I was a horse girl, so dino's are soooo outside of my wheelhouse - but I want to be a good mom so I'm learning!! I think my favorite one to say is the Diplodocus - which I think is commonly known as the longneck. My favorite one to look at though is the Ankylosaurus - he has a spikey club at the end of his tail, and I'd like to have one of those. Joe himself is also a T-rex fan but when I asked him his favorite Dino all he replied with was "Little Foot" which I know to be a Land Before Time character, but heck if I know what kind!

The overall show was a cool experience, they had activities for the kids ranging from blow up bounce house slides, to archaeological digs and table top activities as well. They even had a handful of dino "rides" which truly were not the exciting variety but the kids really seemed to think they were cool. JJ even got a tick bashful right before his ride, I don't know if he was intimidated or what. There was quite a bit of waiting involved, like each attraction had it's own line that you had to wait for, so that was probably not the greatest for the kids + their patience levels.

Let's talk logic + philosophy for a minute, because Joe and I can't take anything in without over analyzing it apparently, haha. So a large part of the display was a self guided walk through of several different kinds of dinosaurs with replicas of each + fun facts about them. Apparently some dinosaurs had hair?? Joe and I are walking through this display, and there is a presenter talking about how dinosaurs were alive 65 million years ago and some of these dinosaurs were created from scientists who only found a tooth as a clue!

So you're telling me the scientists took the artistic liberty to imagine the rest? As in, however they felt like it should look that day is what they sketched up? LOL we were honestly very entertained by the fact that half of these creatures are slightly fabricated, and on top of that, someone decided along the way that some of them should have long shaggy hair.... how horrifying! The hairy ones were not great to look at!

It does open up the doors for an interesting conversation though honestly. If they only had a tooth as a clue, how did they even begin to replicate the rest? Is it all made up? I don't know, is there a way to know? Interesting to say the least, and we are certainly not going to question anything dinosaur because JJ thinks they're cool. Do you? Let us know!

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