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YB Crockpot Rump Roast

I'm being very honest when I say I don't use my Crockpot enough. It makes cooking so easy and yet, I rarely find myself reaching for it. However, today I found myself reaching for our Wagyu-Angus rump roast and I just knew the Crockpot would make a masterpiece of this. If you're asking what Wagyu is, it's a specialty grade beef of Japanese origin that is known for its intense marbling. We've found it makes a great cross on our Black Angus cattle.

When I tell you that this recipe is insanely simple, I need to just explain one thing very well. The quality of the meat matters, like a lot. A majority of your flavor is going to come from the fat tissues in your cut of beef, or it should. The ingredients list here is pretty simple and cheap, but I encourage you to not be shy about getting a good quality roast cut.

This is the ingredient list:

2 large carrots

1 cluster of celery

1 onion

3 large potatos

1 seasoning packet

1 tbsp beef bouillon

1 quality roast, maybe from Yankee Beef?

It goes together something like this:

Chop your vegetables to your preferred size.

Make a nice pile up in your Crockpot.

Stir your seasoning mix and the beef bouillon

into 1 cup of hot water, blend + pour over the top.

Stir it up to get the veggies all coated, set to low + leave for 8 hours.

It doesn't hurt to stir it up once about half way to

even up the cooking on your vegetable blend.

Try to leave the meat alone while you stir.

I prefer to serve on or with mashed potatoes, but you do what works for you!

Thanks for reading about our Wagyu-Angus cross beef + cooking up a rump roast with us. You can find some important items shown above, by reading on.

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