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Mrs. Yankee's
coaching + mentorship

My passion project for 2024 is to help my fellow farmers learn how to retail their farm products. If you're an established farm, I'd be happy to help you tweak and adjust your strategy.  If you're just starting out building your farm business, I can help you achieve your goals! I'd suggest starting with the Farm Biz Selling workbook + then you can utilize the mentorship program to be able to ask questions & dial in on exactly what you need or want to learn.

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farm business:

We've been selling farm to table beef and pork locally for over 10 years - and consumer demand has never been higher! We are opening up our office to help you get started on your selling journey.

This easy to follow workbook will be the step by step framework you need to be 100% prepared to launch your farm business! It's a comprehensive look at your plan, full of prompts and questions, so you can sit and dive into what your future holds. 

1 years worth
of ag content

I've managed our social pages for over a decade. I've learned so much in what works and what doesn't. This guide book will provide you with nearly 200 content post ideas that you can customize for your farm social media pages + use this year!

It's a PDF download + you can access it instantly after purchasing. Save to your computer or print it out to jot your notes and edits on!


freezer trade excel sheet template

I live and die by this file: I created a template of the exact file I use to manage my customers orders and reservations. There are instructions included!

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