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Premium Black Angus Beef

Our beef is designed for quality from the start. All of our production cattle are bred here, born here and raised here. We raise our cattle humanely and naturally, while effectively managing our resources to be highly efficient.
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Whole - Half - Quarter

We sell our beef directly to local consumers via our "Freezer Trade" business. We offer for sale a quarter, a half or a whole steer. Consumers shopping this way save a large bit of money versus the grocery store. It's a large investment upfront but you'll save throughout the year as you eat through your freezer inventory. This purchase option allows you to pick your own cuts and customize the processing. This beef is sold by the hanging weight per pound & processing fees are paid separately by you, the customer, directly to the butcher.

Solo Cuts

We do not have a brick & morter store front, however we do typically stock USDA inspected for resale cuts at our farm. This enables us to sell you individual cuts of beef as a way for you to try some of the meat before you decide to jump into a quarter! Inventory fluctuates throughout the year and availability is always first come, first serve. These sales are by appointment only, if you're interested in buying something please shoot us a chat or FB message and we can make arrangements for you to get what you need!

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Specialty Boxes

A couple times per year we offer a limited selection of retail beef boxes, depending on availability and scheduling. Follow along on our Facebook page for the most current updates for what boxes are being offered, if any. These boxes typically feature a variety of cuts for approximately $100-$150 to give shoppers an idea of what it would be like buying a quarter.

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Farm Raised Pork

In addition to our beef, we raise and sell hogs to our beef customers. We don't breed our own pigs, but we have a trusted local supplier for feeder piglets and we raise them on a customized hog-grain for top quality meat. Pork is sold by the hanging weight + processing fees, same as the "Freezer Trade" beef.

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