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Phelps Brothers: Farming // Diversity, Ag Outlook + Beyond.

This week we sat down with one of Joe's greatest friends, Clayton Phelps. Clayton brought his younger brother Blake as an emotional support blanket + we chatted with them for literally hours. I trimmed what I could so that the episode didn't go on forever but still packed a punch.

I think Clayton is wise beyond his years in his perspective on the struggles and challenges of farming. Blake and Clayton brought a fun perspective to the podcast room where we laughed, laughed and laughed some more.

They'll be back for a future chat on Factory Farming as well as a future episode on Women In Agriculture, where we will hopefully feature Clayton's wife who is a stay at home farm mom, alongside myself who is a working farm mom.

Thank y'all and enjoy!! Podcasts can be streamed on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, search "Full Disclosure Farming" and leave a review.

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